Acknowledgement of Country | Gratitude Activity

An Acknowledgement of Country is an important sign or recognition and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Australians. We have created this activity to for mentors, teachers, carers or parents to use with their children.

These activities will help to ensure the children/child is aware of the past and ongoing connection of First Nation’s people to place and land.

This free downloadable sheet includes instructions for the following:

Gratitude Puzzle
  • The gratitude puzzle involves cutting out the attached blank puzzle sheet, and asking participants to write one thing they are thankful for on each puzzle piece. These little gratitude memento’s should be drawn from experiences we are thankful to experience on this precious land.
  • An example of this provided on the last page of this Activity Sheet set.
Favourite Places
  • Choose a place that is significant to you and makes you feel connected to this land. Local parks, beaches, a favorite tree or holiday destination are perfect examples.
  • Write the reasons you are grateful for that place, and then construct a thank you to First Nations people for that place.
Write a Personal Acknowledgement of Country
  • As a pair, group, or individually, expand on your puzzle and thank you, and write an Acknowledgement of Country for the land you learn, work and play on.
  • An example Acknowledgement of Country is included, and more instructions are on the attached Activity Sheet.

“Books are an important part of growing up for all our children. It introduces them to the many beautiful stories that come from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and illustrators and shows them the diversity of our cultures.

It takes them on a journey of learning right around this big country of ours, through stories and illustrations. It opens up a whole new world for children, through the stories read by both parents and educators so they can use their imagination to widen their curiosity and for them to want more.” – Aunty Fay Muir