An open letter to our Pyjama Angels this National Volunteer Week.

Dear Pyjama Angels,

Over the years I’ve found myself reading your Pyjama Angel applications and thinking, “my goodness, how cool are they? I just love how aligned they are with the program. How are they going to fit us in? A child will hugely benefit and align themselves with those interests.”

The excitement only builds after a delightful interview, and then I stand at training, energised by the buzz in the room. How is it that after a big day you can leave a room feeling more enthused than at the start of the day? How is it that in one space you can be surrounded by so many like-minded people who are ready to give of themselves so generously? Already my brain is swirling with ideas of which children will be the lucky beneficiaries of such talented Pyjama Angels.

The referees are called, and I think…can this applicant be MY Pyjama Angel? I hope my referees would say such beautiful things!

Then the pure joy of the puzzle that is making a placement. We see your name and think of who we can match you with. Oh no… that day doesn’t align… that child is too far. We can feel the immense disappointment when we can’t find the perfect placement.

But then, the moment we know we have a perfect match, and you say yes! The excitement and the gratitude that you are willing to take on the placement flows through the whole team.

Every step of your journey with your child is something for us to be grateful for. We know it’s not always achievement after achievement, successful visit after visit, but the grit in which so many Pyjama Angels display is the worthiest celebration.

You understand or are willing to learn about the complexities, the challenges, and the barriers that our little people face. Despite sometimes feeling up against it you bring joy, laughter, experiences, and most of all yourself – a trusted person who shows the child and family that they are worth it.

We have so much to be truly grateful for and this week, on National Volunteer Week, we want to ensure you know how just how thankful we are for the contribution that you make.

We truly are very lucky to have such beautiful Pyjama Angels.

With my sincerest gratitude,


Tash Hodson

National Volunteer Manager

The Pyjama Foundation