Written and Illustrated by Sophy Henn

Book Review

We’ve all had one of those days. A day that’s just the worst, where all you feel like doing is running away.

Arthur knows this feeling all too well. ‘The Best Worst Day Ever’ follows the story of Arthur who is quite simply having the ‘worst day ever’. Nothing is going right and he is stomping, huffing and roaring. Naturally, Arthur decides his only option is to run away from home.

Arthur’s journey takes him ‘nearly to the end of the garden’, where he faces a forest which seems to have grown up all around him. However, just when it seems his day is ruined, he meets a host of friends in the forest. He wiggles and skips with a bear, toots and hoots with an elephant and sings with a lion.

Arthur’s spirits are lifted, and the story concludes with him happily returning home to his family and waving goodbye to his new friends.

Accompanied by charming illustrations, author and illustrator Sophy Hen puts a, joyful and incredibly relatable lens on the universal phenomenon of having ‘the worst day’.

An enjoyable read for children aged 3-8 with imaginative imagery and a light-hearted tone. This story is the perfect reminder for readers, both young and old that sometimes, just when it seems all hope is lost and the day seems ruined, all it takes is a ‘dance, a song a toot and a hoot’, and soon enough you’ll find yourself:

‘Far too busy having a wonderful time.’