Donor Love – Delightful Moments & Balloons

This month we’re saying thank you to our  donors. These wonderful organisations help to support children in care and make a difference.

Continuing with our Donor Love series, we’re so thrilled to introduce the amazing Emily, and her business, Delightful Moments & Balloons.

So, tell us about Delightful Moments & Balloons!

Delightful Moments and Balloons specialises in creating unforgettable moments for any occasion. Emily, the founder, was inspired to start this business after years of decorating her own children’s parties. Because of her natural talent, Emily received encouragement from friends that led her to turn her passion into a business.

What started as a creative seed has bloomed into a successful business that provides personalised and unique decor for any event. Whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, corporate event or wedding, Emily brings a special sparkle to everything she touches.

Emily and her business have supported many Foundation events, such as our 2022 Big Dreams Gala Ball and National Pyjama Day!

How did you learn about The Pyjama Foundation?

Emily learnt about The Pyjama Foundation in 2021, when the team from The Little Picnic Co. reached out to her. They asked if she would like to be involved in a photography session, helping us to launch some new pictures, and luckily for us she said yes!

In Emily’s words:

“I jumped at the opportunity, saying “Hell yeah! I’d love to be involved!”

Since then Delightful Moments & Balloons has supported The Pyjama Foundation with incredible décor and displays!

What inspired Delightful Moments & Balloons to continue supporting The Pyjama Foundation?

While Emily’s business, is the key thing that connected her to the cause, it’s her passion that allows her to continue her support.

Because she specialises in creating beautiful and joyful designs, she knows firsthand how much happiness balloons can bring to people’s lives. Thus, it was this connection that inspired her to learn more about The Pyjama Foundation’s work, and how it aligns with her desire to share positivity!

The Pyjama Foundation’s mission to provide a positive influence in the lives of children in foster care resonates deeply with Emily. Through Delightful Moments & Balloons support of The Pyjama Foundation, Emily hopes to spread joy and happiness to children in need. In her words,

“With the balloon donations for events, it really makes the event, and gives The Pyjama Foundation a good display for media and presentations. It lifts the atmosphere and creates a bubbly environment!”

A red, gold and nude balloon arch stands behind big light-up letters that spell PJ

Thank you Delightful Moments & Balloons!

We are so touched by the support from Delightful Moments & Balloons! Our team are incredibly excited for our future events. We can’t wait to see what Emily does next with her talents. Because of Emily’s wonderful contributions, our events are a huge success, supporting children in foster care across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

Therefore, we want to say thank you to Emily for her amazing generosity, creativity and passion.

Keep an eye out over March for more stories from incredible donors just like Delightful Moments & Balloons! We can’t wait to keep recognising the outstanding people who support children in care.

Feeling inspired to get involved? Learn more about supporting The Pyjama Foundation here!