Donor Love – June the Angel!

This month, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to every single donor who has so generously given to support children in foster care.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be sharing stories from some of our amazing donors! These incredible people, and all of you just like them, truly have made a life changing impact for the kids in care in our Love of Learning Program. And where better to start off the list but with our very own real life angel, June?

So who is June, and why are we so incredibly grateful for her?

June has been a Pyjama Angel for 15 years, and currently visits multiple young girls in the same household. Further, June began volunteering in our Brisbane office providing weekly support as soon as she retired!

On top of all that she does to support children in foster care, and our Love of Learning Program, June and her husband Richard are also donors. The couple frequently donate and support The Pyjama Foundation from the generosity of their own pockets. Additionally, they have made the decision to become ‘Guardian Angels’ and leave a gift in their wills (bequest) to The Foundation.

Why does June donate?

Well, we asked her exactly that, and here is what June had to say:

“I can see what a difference it has made to the girls that I mentor. I want The Pyjama Foundation to continue their work, and for more children like my girls to get their very own Pyjama Angels.”

An older woman with red hair and a blue shirt stands in front of an Aboriginal Australian artwork.

As somebody who sees the first-hand impact that our Love of Learning Program has, June truly feels that donating is an great way to help make a difference for kids in care.

“I would tell other donors to just get involved. Just do it, you know? Donating is a simple way to make a difference, and if you’ve got the time, you can donate time as well as donating money. There’s lots of ways to donate.”

Thank you June!

Every single week, June demonstrates the incredible power of simply showing up and caring. We just wanted to give a big shout-out to June for being such an amazing supporter of our organisation!

As a Pyjama Angel volunteer, she’s made a huge difference in the lives of the kids she visits by giving them the love, support, and guidance they need to grow up happy and healthy. Not only that, but she’s also helped us out in the office, making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, and her generous donations have helped keep our Love of Learning Program going. The Pyjama Foundation are so appreciative of everything June has done for us, and we feel lucky to have her on our team!

Stay tuned over the next month to hear more stories from incredible donors just like June! We are so excited to continue recognising the amazing people and organisations who support children in care with their kindness.

Feeling inspired to get involved? Learn more about supporting The Pyjama Foundation here.