Egg-cellent Easter Activities 2021

We can’t believe it’s almost the end of April, which means Easter holidays are just around the corner! With that comes chocolate, egg hunts, and Easter crafts, and of course the Easter school holidays. We have put together a collection of our favorite Easter activities to keep your little people busy learning and playing over the break!

The Most Versatile Easter Egg…

If you want to add an educational twist to the traditional egg hunt, grab some plastic eggs! These are cheap, versatile and reusable – you can create a variety of fun games to entertain children of all ages. For the younger ones, hide the eggs in the backyard and practice colour identification as they find each one.

Play a game of Count Your Chickens! Break the plastic eggs in half and write the same number on the top and bottom piece of each egg. Hide all the pieces and encourage your little ones to find and assemble the matching pieces – this is a great way to improve number recognition. For the older children, write a simple equation (for example, 4+6) on the outside of the egg, and put the answer inside the egg for a fun guess-and-check style math game!

Switch out chocolate treats inside your plastic eggs for other fun treasures, such as foam, magnetic or paper numbers and letters. Help younger children say and draw the numbers and letters, and challenge older children to put the numbers in order.

Wingaru Easter Basket

Every little person needs somewhere to stash the eggs they find from the egg hunt. Learn about Indigenous culture while you create a cute little Easter basket from Wingaru! While Easter isn’t an Aboriginal celebration, eggs were a big part of customary life. Get your creative juices flowing and learn more about the significance of eggs in Aboriginal culture – download the free printable Easter basket pattern here!

“Eggs were respected as a source of life as well as nourishment for mob. Eggs would be collected in vessels weaved by Aboriginal women from the naturally available reeds and materials of the local area.” – Wingaru

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Make some easy Easter decorations with the whole family! Follow this simple recipe to make Salt Dough Flower Eggs! Mix up your salt dough, and then use cookie cutters to cut out egg shapes. Personalise each design by pressing some flowers, leaves or anything else you can find in the backyard into the dough. Bake in the oven and attach some ribbon to the eggs. Hang them around the house as a holiday memento!

Easter Baking

Some of the most special memories are made in the kitchen – for an afternoon of love, laughter, and yummy treats, you can’t go past Easter biscuits. Grab your favorite biscuit recipe and spend some time baking and decorating Easter cookies with your little people.

Creative Card Creation

Spread the love and share a kind word with family and friends through some cute easter-inspired cards! Jazz up this classic craft idea with a creative cut-out egg card which features your children’s original artwork!

Try out one of our Easter craft ideas this school holidays and enjoy this precious time with your little people as they continue to learn and play!