Free & Printable World Kindness Day Activities

Happy World Kindness Day. World Kindness Day is a wonderful way to spread some compassion to others and teach little ones the importance of being kind.

We have created the following fun and free printable resources that you can print!

Compliment Card

These compliment cards are a cute way to write down some kind messages for friends and/or family. You could even create a kindness bank by cutting a slot in an old shoebox. Deposit your compliment cards into the bank and withdraw when you or someone you loves needs some cheering up!

Printable Awards

Print these awards and give them to a someone you care about. There’s a Thoughtfulness award, Good Friend award and Kindness award to give out.

Random Acts of Kindness Bingo

Random Acts of Kindness Bingo is a good one to do at school or in a big family. The first person to get to 5 acts of kindness wins! There’s lots of different acts of kindness you can chose from!

Kind Messages Paper Chain

Write down lots of kind messages on strips of paper and create a chain. You can rip off a kind message when you are having a bad day or pass it on to a friend!

Kindness Postcard

We found many of our Pyjama Angels turned to sending postcards over COVID lockdowns. We loved this idea and thought why not send a Kindness postcard this World Kindness Day? Your kind words could make someone’s day!

We love World Kindness Day here at The Pyjama Foundation and hope you enjoy these activities with your little loves!