Giving Back Amongst Hardship: Regular Giver Changes Lives

Our Love of Learning Program has been running since 2004, thanks to some very dedicated humans who believe in the power of education and friendship.

Firstly, there are the volunteers who give up their time weekly to visit and mentor their little friend.

Then, there is the passionate team who work behind the scenes to screen, recruit, train and support these volunteers.

There are the families who let us into their homes weekly to mentor the children in their care, and who care so deeply about giving these children the best opportunity at a wonderful life.

Finally, there are the heroes who dig deep into their own pockets and give so generously to help us run our program.

Melanie and Caroline are the Co-Directors of SleepoversRus, a sleepover party package service that makes kids parties easy and ensures everyone enjoys the celebration.

After they launched their business in 2016, hosting sleepovers in Victoria and in Queensland, they knew they wanted to support a charity that aligned with the values of their company.

“We always knew we wanted to work with a charity who helped children. We are aware that slumber parties aren’t for everyone, and there is a certain demographic who has access them,” Caroline told us.

“I did a search and saw how well our business aligned with the foundation. I think what The Pyjama Foundation does is absolutely fantastic.”

They made the decision to make regular donations to The Pyjama Foundation, generously contributing monthly to help us consistently offer our program to children who need it.

Working full time at a private school in Melbourne, Caroline saw the privileges some children experience and knew their business was targeting families within that demographic.

“Everyone has a charity near and dear to their hearts and as Melanie is a mother and I’m a favourite Aunty, children were the ones tugging at our heart strings.”

“If a child is lucky enough to be supported by a Pyjama Angel, or touched by the Foundation in some other way, they will feel valued and loved. We want children everywhere to always feel valued and loved.”

In 2020, being based in Melbourne in a time of such uncertainty, SleepoversRus did not have a booking for over seven months. During this time, they continued to prioritise their support of The Love of Learning Program, still contributing monthly to support more children living in care.

“2020 was certainly a tough period, but it has been tough for everyone,” Caroline said.

“Whilst we are only a small business it was most important that we found a way to support the Foundation, enabling the Foundation to continue work with the children, providing them with a stable, loving and supportive network during such uncertain times.”

During our chat, we caught Caroline continually saying things like “it’s a small contribution.” But we know the power of ‘small’, regular contributions; and it is anything but small.

We asked Caroline to tell us why she continues to donate to The Pyjama Foundation.

“Put simply, the Foundation needs all the support it can muster to continue to support these children in need.”

“These children are our future and what better way to provide encouragement, love and support, than through the support services provided by the Foundation.

We know that our contributions over the years have contributed to the betterment of at least one child’s life. That’s thanks enough for us and we will continue to support this wonderful Foundation.”

If you are interested in joining Caroline and Melanie in becoming a regular giver, please visit this page.