It’s (Nearly) Halloween!

Halloween is officially 3 days away, and whether you celebrate or not, it’s always fun to get involved. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite spooky books and Halloween activities to enjoy in the lead up to the 31st.

Ages 0-3

Have you got little ones who want to join the fun? Here’s what we’d recommend…

Books – Meg and Mog

Rhyming books are perfect for young kids, as they help with the development of words and sounds. One of our spooky favourites is a classic – Meg and Mog! Meg and Mog is a book series which tells the story of a witch, Meg, who can never quite get her spells rights. She goes on loads of different adventures wiht her cat Mog, and their friend Owl.

The cover of the book Meg and Mog. The cover is blue and features yellow stars. On the cover is a with on a broomstick, with a cauldron and a cat on the back.

Activities – Halloween Playdough

For little ones who are learning to develop their motor skills, play dough is a great activity. At this age we know that kids love to eat things, which is why we love homemade edible playdough (you can find a great recipe here). Dye your playdough with Halloween colours like orange, black and green, and you’re ready to go! Not only is this activity lots of fun for young children, but it’s a great sensory activity for older kids and adults.

Ages 3-7

Halloween for kids in this age group is such a fun time of the year. Here’s what we would recommend…

The book Pig the Monster is lying on a grey geometric background. The book has an orange cover with an image of a pug, and the text Pig the Monster

Books – Pig the Monster

Are you familiar with Pig the Pug? Well he’s had a Halloween makeover, and is causing mischief while on the hunt for Halloween goodies. Like other books by author Aaron Blabey, Pig the Pug is an absolute crackup! Pig’s journey to find treats shows how the little pug gets carried away, and is guaranteed to make your young one giggle! This is a great book for kids to read with PJ Angels, carers or parents!

Activities – Halloween Hand Painting

Kids in this age group are so creative! So why not let them have some fun with paint this Halloween? We love this Halloween handprint idea.

The best part? It’s easy to do at home! All you’ll need is paint, paper, and some decorative arts and crafts bits. Your young one can then take the lead and try their hand at making lots of different monster paintings. While this one is super fun, we would recommend having an adult supervise, as it can get messy quickly!

Ages 8-12

Book – The Last Kids on Earth Series

The Last Kids on Earth series is a beyond entertaining read for kids aged 8 and up! The series follows a group of middle school aged children living in the zombie apocalypse. The kids love to play games, eat tons of lollies and most importantly, fight zombies! Not only is this series a great read, but it’s in a graphic novel style meaning that it’s engaging and will definitely catch the eye of a young reader.

Plus, a bonus – the series is now available on Netflix as a TV show!

A book cover that features a group of animated middle school aged children surrounded by zombies.

Activity – White Chocolate Mummies

What’s Halloween without treats? These tasty truffles are not only delicious, but they have an added Halloween flare… they’re mummies! With just a little bit of white chocolate and a whole lot of creativity, your child can make these and share the Halloween fun with the whole family. Find the recipe here.

White chocolate truffles that are shaped and decorated like mummies

Ages 13-15

Book – The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls

Here’s where the book recommendations start to get creepy. This book is perfect for younger teens who want to dip their toes into the world of horror. The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls follows the story of Victoria, a teenage girl who hates nonsense. The only smudge on her perfect life is her best friend Lawrence, who is messy and a disaster. Victoria often contemplates their friendship, until one day when Lawrence disappears – and it’s not just him. Soon Victoria uncovers The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, where kids enter, but don’t leave quite themselves. But don’t worry, if anyone can solve this mystery, it’s Victoria.

Activity – Body parts game

Have you got young teenagers that want to try out a creepy activity? Try the Halloween body parts game, designed to play with friends. Have your teens sit in a circle in a dark room, and pass around a bowl of ‘body parts’. Then, have the teens guess what they’re touching! Some ideas include:
Hair – yarn or string
Brains – cooked spaghetti or jelly
Heart – peeled tomato
Eyeballs – grapes
Teeth – popcorn kernels

Get as creative as you want with this one, it’s fun for all ages!

Ages 16+

Book – Burn Down, Rise Up

This young adult fiction horror book is perfect for the thrill seeking older teen. Following the story of a determined group of teens trying to solve a string of mysterious disappearances and survive a terrifying urban legend, this book is sure to send a chill down your spine. The book, which was published in early 2022, is already a favourite to many, with author Vincent Tirado scheduled to release their next book in 2023.

A teenage girl with long braided hair and dark skin poses with a bat. Behind her a large monster claw can be seen.

Activity – Unsolved Case Files

Have a teen interested in true crime? We loved playing through the Unsolved Case Files game. The game gives players a chance to act like a real life detective, by encouraging them to find clues, and solve three objectives to catch the killer. This game is designed for more than one player, so encourage your teens to get their friends involved! Find the game here.

An unsolved case files game, with images of different people and a manilla folder.

We hope that you love these Halloween activities as much as we do! For more book and activity recommendations for kids, check out some of our other blog posts!