Mindfulness March – What Is It + Free Printable Resources! 

We cannot stress how important it is to practice self-care and look after your mind, body and spirit. Throughout the month of March, we will be celebrating Mindfulness March and providing resources to our team and our community on how to be more mindful and take better care of ourselves.  


Being mindful does not have to be meditating everyday (mind you – we can highly recommend this) but can be going for a walk, having a still moment, taking a long bath – the list goes on and on! 


According to the American Psychological Association, mindfulness can help improve: self esteem, reduce stress, boost your working memory and focus, help you be less emotionally reactive and has multiple physical health benefits too!  So with these benefits in mind, we have created a few resources to help you be more mindful.  

Download your Bullet Journal Template here.

Bullet Journal

Download Your Calendar Challenge here.

Mindfulness Calendar Challenge

Self Care Suggestions here.

Mental Health

Download your Mindfulness Journal here.

Plus stay tuned for many more amazing resources throughout the month. The best place to stay up to date with our mindful activities is to check us out on Instagram and Facebook!