‘Follow Your Feelings – Max and Worry’ Book Review

Approaching the conversation about feelings, starting with worry.

Follow Your Feelings is a new series written by Kitty Black and illustrated by Joss Rose. This series aims to start conversations about identifying and managing feelings in a healthy way. This instalment follows Max and his feelings of worry, in the form of a purple meerkat.

Kitty Black started this series to teach children that emotions are a regular part of life and aren’t a bad thing. Instead, they are something we all experience every day.

Black believes that every emotion is an opportunity to learn about oneself and hopes to spread this message through her series. This story primarily focuses on ‘worry’ with a surprise new emotion for you to discover as you read.

The bright illustrations and clever meerkat metaphor make this book stand out from the rest. The importance of the message makes it a must read for any child experiencing new emotions, particularly if they are struggling to identify and learn from them.

Feelings aren’t scary or strange, but simply something we all experience on a daily basis.

So, sit down with your loved ones and read this sweet story to start the conversation about feelings. Consider the other instalment in this series ‘Lucy and Sad’ if you enjoyed this one as much as we did.