Meet a Pyjama Angel: Amy Greig

The Pyjama Foundation has trained more than 5,000 Pyjama Angels since 2004, who provide literacy, numeracy, life skills and mentoring support to children in out-of-home care.

Pyjama Angel, Amy Grieg, has been working and supporting her foster child Miss H. for three years now.

They have both learnt so much from each other and share a strong and special bond that is so clear between the two of them.

Amy shares how being a Pyjama Angel has not only impacted Miss H.’s life but has also given Amy the opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

We asked Amy a few questions about her experience being a Pyjama Angel and how the program has benefited both her and Miss H.

Why did you apply to become a Pyjama Angel? Were you aware of just how big the difference you could make was?

Amy has always loved kids and being surrounded by her friend’s children she felt she had so much love to give and offer a young person.

“I believe there’s no greater feeling than to give, and the most precious thing you can give anyone or anything is your time.” Amy told us.

After doing some research and reading independent studies on child connection and development, Amy applied to be Pyjama Angel and was quickly matched with Miss H.

“I knew that this would be a journey and that it would change her life in ways I was unsure of at the time, but I had no idea how much it would change mine!”

Tell us about your placement. What differences have you noticed in your relationship with Miss H. from your first few visits, compared to now?

Amy began her journey as a Pyjama Angel when Miss H. was 4-years-old.

Miss H. was suffering from an attachment and anxiety disorder and was initially very shy with Amy, so shy in fact she barely spoke to her for the first three months.

“She wouldn’t complete activities, wouldn’t sit and read with me and would never look me in the eye,” Amy explained.

Then their relationship slowly began to build.

“I look at her now and see a bright, talkative and happy girl with a strong will and I can’t believe how far she’s come.

“There’s sayings and mannerisms she has that she’s picked up from me- and it’s so strange to think you have this little friend to whom you are such a big part of their world- and they yours in return.”

Do you think you found a good match?

Amy describes her match with Miss H. as “uncanny” and says they are so alike and in sync in so many ways; from their shared love of mermaids and unicorns, the water and ocean, and the fact they are both stubborn, strong willed and boisterous.

“I don’t know how the foundation does it – but she’s now like my little mini me and we have so much fun together!”

Was there a visit/moment where you noticed how special your relationship was or how big an impact you’re making?

Upon attending The Pyjama Foundation events with the family, Amy noticed a major change in her relationship with Miss H. that saw her as a safe and fun new family member that Miss H. could trust.

At one event in particular, Pyjama Party at Movie World, Amy guarded Miss H. from the “evil Tweety Bird” that she was petrified from.

“She saw that I could be her magical big person that would be there with her carer to protect her,” Amy told us.

From then on, their relationship blossomed!

Amy has shared so many firsts with Miss H. such as:

  • driving her first dodgem car
  • going on her first ride
  • holding her first chicken at a petting zoo
  • seeing her first wild dolphins (even though she will tell you they were sharks)
  • first time overcoming her fears of things
  • first times baking/ cooking
  • trying some foods for the first time
  • seeing and learning about new things on our trips out like boats, the ocean, birds and many other things that she’s not usually exposed to in day-to-day life.

“Sometimes you feel like you take two steps forward and three steps back, but that’s what comes with working with a child.

“As I see her grow week on week, and the months and now years go by, it is crazy to think how far we’ve come and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

“Being a Pyjama Angel is by far the best way I spend my time, in every way.”

If you are interested in becoming a Pyjama Angel, please visit this page.