Ways to Treat The Special Women in Your Life

We all have some special women in our lives who make our world a brighter place. Whether she is your mum by birth or by love, your grandma, your aunty, your teacher or your friend, she plays such an important role! We want to take the time to say ‘Thank You!’ and show her we care this Mothers’ Day.

Handmade gifts and kind acts always speak volumes. Here are some of our favourite creative ways for little ones to show their appreciation!

Treat Her to Some Rest and Relaxation

The women in our life work hard to look after us and always put us first. Encourage them to take a break and relax with a mini at-home spa day. With a little help from an adult, kids of all ages can get involved and create this special experience!

Candles help to set the mood for a relaxing afternoon. If you have little people in your house, you probably have some crayons on hand. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make some unique crayon candles! All you will need to do is take a trip to your local art store to pick up a few supplies. You can tailor the colours of the candle to whoever you are making it for. Pop a handwritten message on the front of the candle to remind the recipient that you are grateful for all they do for you – they’ll see it each time they burn the candle!

A soak in the tub is a lovely way to relax – try making some bath bombs! The ingredients are easy to get your hands on, and there’s even a DIY video tutorial here! You can add essential oils to your bath bomb mixture to make it smell beautiful, and relieve stress and sore muscles!

Simple Compliments Can Brighten Up Her Day!

Everybody loves to hear some heartfelt words. Send them a handmade card to show you care! We’ve made some free printable cards for little ones of all ages to colour in and write on. Encourage your little people to send one to all the important women in their lives!

If you want to get more creative, try writing some things you love about a special woman in your life on paddle pop sticks, and put them in a jar. Label the jar ‘Things I love about ____ (insert her name here)’ and give it to her on Mothers’ Day or just because!

Thanks A Bunch

Mothers’ Day and flowers go hand in hand. Why not try making some egg-carton flowers that will last forever? These will remind her every day that the people she cares about love her very much!

The women in our lives love and care for us so we can bloom and grow. Make this cute little seed packet from our template and fill it with some flower seeds from your local grocery store or garden centre so they can have pretty flowers all year round! Little ones can colour in the packet and write their names on it to make it extra special!

This Mothers’ Day, encourage your little ones to celebrate the important women in their lives! We are so grateful to have them – let’s make sure they know that!