No Buddy Like A Book

Written by Allan Wolf, Illustrated by Brianne Farley

Have you ever found yourself reading into the late hours of the night, or completely losing yourself in the pages of a book?

‘No Buddy Like a Book’, captures the essence of the power of stories and imagination, and playfully highlights the journeys we can take, and lives we can live through books.

Written by award-winning author Allan Wolf and illustrated by New York Times featured artist Brianne Farley, this whimsical story takes readers on an adventure around the world, through jungles, mountains, cities and into space, underscored by the message: “We learn important stuff from books, we learn to speak and think”.

Subtle ‘non-fiction’ references to the titanic, pinhole cameras, culture, telescopes and rocket launchers, underscore the story, will spark interest in slightly older children, whilst the vibrant accompanying images and the playful rhyming tone of the story will keep younger readers captivated from page one.

The picture book explores themes of travel, nature, curiosity and above all the importance of imagination and is a perfect catalyst for encouraging children to pursue a love of reading, that goes beyond the ink on the page. This story pays tribute to the power of imagination and reminds readers, old and young, that there really is ‘no buddy like a book’.

Here’s what others have to say…

Kirkus Reviews: The trope of opening a book that reveals ideas, excitement, and new experiences within has been explored before, but Wolf’s interpretation feels refreshed by both catchy rhymes and a cast of characters diverse in race, gender, age, and ability. A sweet reminder of the worlds held within books and our power to play in them.

Publishers Weekly: In this snappy addition to the shelf of book-extolling books, Wolf (The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep) supplies a string of examples showing how books can teach and enlighten…Wolf’s playful tone keeps the loosely associated episodes powering forward.