Introducing Jorgia!

Jorgia is our fabulous Communications and Resource Development Manager. She has been part of our team for two and a half wonderful years now.

Jorgia’s biggest accomplishment at The Pyjama Foundation was working throughout the COVID lockdown. She loved working hard to keep regular communications and special resources to help keep the bond between our volunteers and their Pyjama children going. This was challenging as lockdown kept everyone apart. However, she is so beyond proud of our Pyjama Angels working so hard to keep that special connection.

Jorg loves working at The Pyjama Foundation as it combines her two passions: writing/communicating and education. She loves hearing the beautiful stories that we are so privileged to hear each day. She began her story with The Pyjama Foundation in 2015 when she trained to become a Pyjama Angel and later applied for a role.

Jorgia Smiling on Blue Background

Jorgia favourite quote - matilda

To our team, Jorg can be described as: Radiant, Gentle Natured, Joyful, Funny, Kind, Goofy, Smart and Quirky.

She would tell her younger self…

Trust the journey, believe in yourself and know that your biggest strength is the strength of loving and believing in yourself. To know that there will be times in your life where the path may be long, hard, and unpredictable but when you believe in yourself, you will know that you have the strength inside to get through.

Jorgia adds so much value to our office. You can always count on Jorg to blurt out something funny which makes everyone smile (or sometimes eye roll haha!). We are all so lucky to have someone like Jorgia in our lives and think she is the bees knees. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jorg!