Our Foundation Family

Introducing Julia!

Introducing Julia, our Screening and Compliance Manager. Jules has just celebrated her 16-year anniversary with the foundation, meaning she joined us in March of 2005! If you have interviewed to volunteer with us or called up regarding your Blue Card, you may have had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Julia.

She first applied to work at PJ’s all these years ago when she was looking for work experience, The Pyjama Foundation was only 5 months old, and she started working from our Founder and CEO Bronwyn’s home.

Around the office, she is known as a wordsmith with the biggest heart. Julia always knows the right word to describe someone. She silently observes their greatest qualities until their birthday rolls around and she has us all in tears with her beautiful words.

Julia loves working at The Pyjama Foundation because of her fellow teammates and the amazing carers and Child Safety Officers she gets to speak with. As well as this, she loves speaking with our volunteers. The people are what keeps Julia inspired.

Julia has 4 beautiful children that she describes as kind, considerate and helpful. One of her children is due to have a baby any day now which is very exciting! Julia loves Australia and couldn’t see herself living anywhere else. She has a fine appreciation for the diverse range of beauty from rainforests, deserts, salt lakes and who can forget The Great Barrier Reef.

When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, Jules said:

“When you are older you will not be so worried about others’ opinions of you – well at least most of the time!”

The team describes Julia as incomparable, compassionate, stable, selfless, kind, genuine, dedicated and warm. She has obviously had quite the impact on us!

Thank you so much, Jules, for letting us share a little bit more about you! We think you are amazing.