Meet Kevin, our National Program Manager

If you are or have been a Pyjama Angel, you may have met or heard of Kevin. Kevin is our wonderful National Program Manager and has worked with the foundation since 2011. For those who aren’t a Pyjama Angel, he is responsible for the training and supporting for all Pyjama Angels in the program. We’d all be lost without him!

Our team describes Kevin as: wise, empathetic, kind, a legend, omniscient and thoughtful. Our National Program Manager loves training our new volunteers and hearing all about the wonderful work that our Pyjama Angels have done with their children.

In 2011, an ad went up for a job. Bronwyn was looking for a special individual to incorporate numeracy into our Love of Learning Program. At this time, the much-loved primary school teacher was already a Pyjama Angel. He took one look at the job description and knew this was absolutely what he wanted to do.

“My favourite part of being a Pyjama Angel is seeing the reality of Bronwyn Sheehan’s vision reflected in the face of my Pyjama Child”

Covid has raised many challenges for businesses all around Australia. This challenge was particularly tough for a lot of our team and volunteers. We are so impressed with the efforts of all during this trying time – with most of our volunteers maintaining communication with their Pyjama Child during lockdowns. Kevin says one thing he has taken away from COVID is that he does not like working from home every day. 

If you could meet any celebrity or historical figure, who would it be an why?

“If I could meet any celebrity or historical figure it would be Sir Douglas Mawson” 

Sir Douglas Mawson was a geologist, researcher and Antarctic explorer. The story of his survival in the 1911-1914 expedition to Antarctica is an amazing example of the strength of the human spirit and has been an inspiration to me and many others. We all have hidden strengths that should not be underestimated. It is also the story of selfless friendship for those who stayed in Antarctica through another long winter to support Mawson after his near-death experience. 

What an incredible experience it would be to meet Sir Douglas Mawson!

Kevin says that the most beautiful place on earth is right here in the sunshine state: Tallebudgera creek, looking across the creek to Burleigh Headland. And says his favourite family tradition is playing board games, in particular Monopoly, on rainy weekends.

Thank you so much Kevin for sharing with us. You are such a positive influence in the office and we love all that you do!