The Benefits of a Pyjama Angel for a Child in Care

One carer’s story of a Pyjama Angel and Pyjama Child

Hearing all our volunteers and carers wonderful feedback honestly makes our days, weeks, and months so much better. We love hearing that our program and Pyjama Angels are helping children in care thrive. What brings us even more joy than hearing these stories is when we get to share them with our community. We are so blessed to have the support of so many who share the same vision and mission as us. This is a wonderful story about a Pyjama Angel named Roy and his pyjama child P*.

child smiling while reading a book with an adult

For more than 17 years now, The Pyjama Foundation has been passionately supporting children in care across Queensland. The Pyjama Foundation match children with Pyjama Angel volunteers who spend one hour a week supporting the child to grow academically, with confidence and build all important life skills.

We received a phone call a few weeks ago from a carer of a young boy called P*. P needed a mentor, someone to confide in and a consistent role model who could show him kindness and love. He was paired with his Pyjama Angel, Roy, in November last year and they have been having a great time. P’s carer rang us to share some wonderful feedback about Roy and P’s relationship.

She said that she is so happy for P having Roy visit him. She expressed that Roy has had a wonderful impact on P’s life and has truly been a great mentor for him. P’s carer went on to explain that Roy has been such a positive influence that P has even mentioned to his psychologist how much he loves his visits.

In her call she also told the story of how P was due to go on school camp. He was very concerned to go on camp as he did not want to miss his visit with Roy! His carer assured him they would work around it and that all would be okay.  P had a great time on camp and had lots of stories to tell Roy on their next visit.

Our  office manager and program support, Antoinette, had the pleasure of passing on this great feedback to Roy. She said he got quite emotional hearing that his visits were having such a great impact on P’s life. He said he could not wait until he had been visiting P for nine months so they could go out on more adventures together.

a child and adult practicing writing

What a beautiful story and wonderful relationship P and Roy have.

Thank you so much to P’s carer for taking the time out of her day to phone and pass on the feedback. It certainly put lots of smiles on the faces here at team PJ’s.

If you would like to help support children in care, and have an hour per week to spare – we would love to hear from you. You can see if you are eligible and apply to become a Pyjama Angel here.