Let us tell you about Henny and her beautiful grandchildren, Millie and Tom

Christmas is a hard time of year for many, a very joyous time of year for others, but undoubtedly a time to reflect on all that has happened in the previous year.

For us, Christmas is a great opportunity to recognise and appreciate all of our wonderful volunteers, and donors who make our vital work possible and our mission achievable.

This brings us to the Christmas story of Henny and her wonderful grandchildren, Millie and Tom. Henny, who was once a Pyjama Angel, left a donation to our Christmas Appeal with the comment:

My grandchildren Millie & Tom are donating to The Pyjama Foundation their Christmas money. They live in New Zealand.

Henny did youth and family mentoring while studying Social Work at USC, and when she heard about The Pyjama Foundation she thought this could expand her experiences in a different field.

She applied, did the training and was placed with a teenage girl who she mentored for over a year.

“I watched her grow in confidence, improve reading and maths, including her social skills,” she told us.

Henny’s family learnt about her commitment and the young girl she was visiting each week. Her grandchildren asked questions and were encouraged to think about others who were not as fortunate at this time of year.

“We know that we are lucky, we have great parents and all that we need,” Millie and Tom explained.

“Our Oma likes to help lots of people, she helps us and plays with us on her visits.”

Millie and Tom may have an ocean between them and their beloved Oma for now, but their special bond and all the love she gives them shines through their words.

“The money will help children that are not as lucky as us,” they told us.

“Oma says education is essential for goals that we may dream about as we get older. Foster children also have many dreams and goals.”

“In 2019, she completed Year 12, I was so proud of her.”

The team here at head office, are always filled with so much joy and gratitude when we read stories like these. Thank you so much to Henny, Millie and Tom – your very special donation will be making a big impact to kids in care this Christmas.

If you have a story like this, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email and say hello at pr@thepyjamafoundation.com