Video Chat Games for Kids!

Human connections between friends, family and other relationships have been certainly tested so far in 2020. These connections are vital to our mental well-being.

We have created a variety of resources and games which are perfect for video chat ‘dates’. These are free printable downloads for you to share with whoever you are wanting to reconnect with virtually.

There are occasionally times where getting together in person just isn’t possible. These games are still so much fun and show you can still maintain relationships from a distance.

FaceTime Battleship

This three-page resource is so fun to play with older kids-teenagers. It is a virtual take on the traditional ‘Battleship’ board game, and has printable grids for yourself and your opponent.


Art Apart is a take on a classic game where one player has an image/item/drawing and has to give the other player (artist) instructions to recreate it. This game tests teamwork, language and describing skills – as well as artistic! Give this a go, it’s sure to be a lot of fun.

Roll & Write

Roll & Write is a story telling game where you roll a die to determine what, who, where and when your story took place. There are some wacky combinations to be created and hours of fun!