The Story of Our Toowoomba Pyjama Angel of The Year, Nola

“Never underestimate the empowering effect of human connection. All you need is that one person, who understands you completely, believes in you and makes you feel loved for what you are, to enable you – to unfold the miraculous YOU.” 

This brings us to the story of our Toowoomba Pyjama Angel of the Year, Nola. Nola has been visiting her Pyjama Child, G* since she was six years old. When Nola first started visiting G*, she had just repeated a year of Prep and was struggling academically – despite being the oldest in her class. G*’s carer, Paula, cannot speak highly enough of Nola and her efforts.

“Nola has gone above and beyond in helping G*. I think what has been a standout is her consistency – she has rarely missed a day,” she said.

“If she has been unwell or we have been in lockdown, she has always made the effort to skype.” 

As well as this, Nola would send a package of goodies for G* to keep her interested and help her keep improving her literacy.

G’s* carer has so many incredible memories to share about Nola and G*’s relationship. A highlight for was when Nola created G* her very own magazine called ‘The G* Gazette’. The magazine was filled with activities, things about G* and would sometimes include a theme of things that they were working on together.

Recently, the pair had been enjoying watching ‘When Calls the Heart’ on Netflix. So, to help G* with her literacy, Nola included questions and activities in the magazine. “She put so much work into the creation alone!” the carer said.

The pair have been on lots of adventures together, such as visiting the library, going to the movies, or even going to McDonalds for a birthday or end of term treat. 

“I have great trust in Nola. She has been an absolute treasure to have as a part of our weekly life. We are very thankful for all the foundation have done for our children. They [Pyjama Angel’s] have been an incredible support to us,” the carer said.

As for G*, she has the following to say:

“She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She has done so many nice things for me. When I was really young she used to read me lots of stories. As I got older she would read a page and then I would read a page. I used to get really excited when she brought her box because there were lots if interesting and fun things in there.”

Congratulations to Nola on being awarded Toowoomba Pyjama Angel of The Year. We are so inspired by all the amazing things you have done for this very special family.